Acknowledgements for the French Language Advocacy Kit

Liège, Belgium

The French Language Advocacy Kit exists because of the commitment and work of many who feel that French should be a language of choice for American students and that French contributes significantly to communications, business and commerce, research, education, and cultural understanding and awareness in the global arena.

The French Language Advocacy Kit Project is part of the French Language Initiative, launched by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) and the French Embassy in the United States.

The project was initiated by members of AATF with the encouragement and support of the French Embassy in the US and the French Consulate in Chicago. Subsequentially, the Quebec Ministry of International Affairs and the Quebec Office in Chicago supported the initial duplication of “The World Speaks French: Video Stories,” made available at the national conference of AATF in San Jose, CA, in July 2009. The Multimedia Language Center at Northwestern University contributed the expertise and time to film and produce “The World Speaks French: Video Stories” and to assist with the creating of the Wiki to house the promotional and advocacy documents written for the Kit.

The French Language Advocacy Kit resulted from the work of two task forces, one (Task Force 2) which built on the contributions of the prior task force and produced the final documents and one (Task Force 1) which formulated the objectives of the Kit and prepared drafts of a number of documents included in the Kit. In addition, the impetus for this project was provided by 50 attendees from the Midwest at a conference hosted by the French Consulate in Chicago in April 2008.

Task Force 2

Margot M. Steinhart, Coordinator (IL)
Kristin Aswell (IL)
Donna Czarnecki (IL)
Randa Duvick, Administrator for Task Force Wikis (IN)
Samantha Godden-Chmielowicz (IL)
Eileen Walvoord, Meeting Facilitator (IL)

Task Force 1

Margot M. Steinhart, Coordinator (IL)
Eileen Walvoord, Facilitator (IL)
Todd Bowen, Facilitator (IL)
Kristen Aswell (IL)
Ricky Baron (IN)
John Deppe (IL)
Randa Duvick (IN)
Samantha Godden-Chmielowicz (IL)
Carol Goss (IN)
Anne Hebert (IL)
Suzie Martin (MI)
Tricia Nagel (IL)
Pat Olderr (IL)
Karen Query (IL)
Zaneta Ruff (IL)
Janine Spencer (IL)
Deborah Stout (OH)
Karen Sullivan (NY)

Speakers at the April 2008 summit on advocacy for French programs in the US launched this project:

Jean-Baptiste Main de Boissière (Consul General in Chicago)
Anne-Emmanuelle Grossi (Education attaché, French Cultural Services in Chicago)
Catherine Pétillon (Attaché for Educational Affairs, Embassy of France to the US)
Margot Steinhart (Northwestern University)
Eileen Walvoord (Niles Township HS, Skokie, IL)
Tricia Nagel (Carpenter and Washington Schools, Park Ridge, IL)
Loreen Fordice (Emerson MS, Niles, IL)
Magdalena Nica (Maine South HS, Park Ridge, IL)
Todd Bowen (Barrington HS, Barrington, IL)
Jamie Gurholt (Beloit Memorial High School, Beloit, WI)
Ludovic Vallet (Vice-President, Invest in France)
Daniel Gallissaires (French Trade Commissioner)

Writers for the French Language Advocacy Kit

Kristin Aswell (IL)
Barbara E. Bullock (TX)
Donna Czarnecki (IL)
Randa Duvick (IN)
Samantha Godden-Chmielowicz (IL)
Virginia Gramer (IL)
A. Anne Hebert (IL)
Sarah Jourdain (NY)
Gladys Lipton (MD)
James Malone (NY)
John Miles (WI)
Iris Molina (NY)
Jennifer Morrissey (IL)
Jean-Benoît Nadeau and Julie Barlow (Montreal)
Maribel Ouielle-Silva (IL)
Robert Peckham (TN)
Carolyn Pinet (MT)
Jo Ellen Sandburg (FL)
Margot M. Steinhart (IL)
Judith Sugarman (IL)
Jacqueline Thomas (TX)
Eileen Walvoord (IL)

Proofreaders for the French Language Kit

John Miles (Principal Reader, WI)
Carol Goss (IN)
Patricia Olderr (IL)
Margot M. Steinhart (IL)
Zerrin Bulut (IL)

Additional Contributors to the French Language Advocacy Kit

Jayne Abrate (IL)
Luz Berd (IL)
Deborah Blaz (IN)
Zerin Bulut (IL)
Dan Capron (IL)
Sarah Clay (NC)
Patricia W. Cummins (VA)
John Deppe (IL)
Mary Rose Gage (IL)
Anne-Emmanuelle Grossi (IL)
Elizabeth Hussey (IL)
Linda Hussey (IL)
Jessica Jacobson (IL)
Barbara Kane (IL)
Marie-Christine W. Koop (TX)
Mathew Lagod (France)
Bill Laughlin (Spain)
Catherine Pétillon (Washington, DC)
Kathleen Rhodes (NC)
Mary Rooks (IL)
Richelle Sipiora (ME)
Caryn Podlesak Smigiel (IL)
Anna Whiteway (IL)

Consultants for the French Language Kit

Alice Cataldi (DE)
Laurel Cooper (AZ)
Sonia de Lama (IL)
Jacqueline Donnelly (IL)
Janet Evans (IL)
David Graham (NY)
Robin Jacobi (IL)
Tricia Nagel (IL)
Barbara Ransford (AR)
Patricia Schreiber (IL)
Michèle Shockey (CA)
Madeline Turan (NY)
Alan Wax (IL)

A special thanks for invaluable contributions to this project by

The French Government
Catherine Pétillon, Attachée for Educational Affairs in Washington
Anne-Emmanuelle Grossi, former Deputy Cultural Attachée in Chicago
Laurence Geannopulos, Chargée des affaires for education and communications in Chicago

The Quebec Government
Frédéric Tremblay, Minister, Ministry of International Affairs
Marc T. Boucher, Head, Quebec Government in Chicago
Del Philips, former Attaché for Public and Government Affairs in Chicago

Northwestern University
Janine W. Spencer, Director, Multimedia Language Center
Mark D. Schaefer, Media Architect, Multimedia Language Center
French and Italian Department, host of the June 2008 advocacy workshop
French Interdisciplinary Group, sponsor of campus parking permits

Niles Township High School (IL), host of Task Force 2 meetings
Eileen Walvood, liaison at NTHS
Laura Jacobson, proofreader of Spanish document

Zachary Richard for the use of his quote for this initiative.

Those who appear in “The World Speaks French: Video Stories”
Ben Hebebrand
David Reithoffer
Carol Meynen
Del Phillips
Matt Taylor
Marc Forcier
Cambrey Thomas
Frank Zarate
John Deppe
Maria Muro
Sydney Taurel
Zach Pfau
Melissa Wittmeier

Thank you for permission granted to reprint articles and maps in the French Language Advocacy Kit:

AATF National Bulletin (“Saving a French Program” and “Strategies for Preventing Scaling Down French Programs” by Kathleen Rhodes)

Stephen Brockmann (“The Study of Foreign Languages Should Not Be a Zero-Sum Game” in The Chronicle of Higher Learning)

Dean Louder, ed. (maps: “Population d’origine éthnique française en Amérique du Nord, 2000-2001 » and « Français parlé à la maison en Amérique du Nord, 2000-2001 »), Franco-Amerique. Québec, Université Laval: 2008.

Language Magazine (“French in Fashion” by Margot M. Steinhart)

Learning Languages (“Advocacy for Early Language Education: A School Board Presentation” by Virginia Gramer)

Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (map : « Le Monde de la Francophonie »)

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