Brussels, with a majority of French speakers, is the administrative center of the European Union and the headquarters for NATO.

Technology provides tools useful for promotion and advocacy.

These tools can be used by teachers, parents, and students
to increase the visibility of the French program and to connect
advocates who wish to advocate for their French program.

Create a video and put on YouTube to show the importance of French and to recruit new students.
Thess videos were created by students at Geneval High School (IL).

Promote your French program by creating a video from photos taken during class, field trips, club activities, and travel programs.
Photo Story is one option for PC users.


Take a look at the web pages middle school students in Kings Park, NY, created to advocate for their French program.

This video can serve as a model for interviews of local residents and former students to show the importance of French to the community.

Documents for the World Speaks French Video Stories DVD

The World Speaks French: Video Stories is a set of interviews with people from different walks
of life who tell fascinating stories of how learning and speaking French has impacted their lives
and careers.
The Stories are available in two formats, on DVD, or as a set of downloadable movies
for PC or Mac that are perfect for Powerpoint presentations, or simply playing the stories
as they are on a desktop computer or laptop in QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player.
You can obtain a DVD by contacting the AATF:
You can download the video stories below in one zipped (compressed) folder that will unpack
when you double click it after downloading. The file is large, several hundred megabytes, so the
download time may be 20 minutes or longer depending on the speed of your internet connection.

The Video Stories for computer use can be downloaded here .
Or as Download from Google Drive

Here is a sample release statement to permit fair use of images and texts gathered for interviews or testimnials.

Here is a template of the release form, which permits modification.