Recruitment of Spanish Speakers for French Class
French is a natural choice for speakers of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese because of their common roots in Latin.

These documents offer suggestions and strategies for teachers to

recruit and to retain Spanish-speaking students, particularly

native Spanish speakers.

These materials can be distributed by the guidance counselor

or at information events organized at schools.

These letters addressed to parents encourage Spanish-speaking students to
become trilingual.

These letters addressed to students encourage Spanish-speaking students to become

For more ideas to promote why French is important to all students,
including native Spanish speakers, click here.

This flyer offers 10 reasons to study French.

Spanish version

English version

These documents demonstrate the similarities between French and Spanish vocabularies.

This essay by a professor of Spanish illustrates the richness of knowing French, Spanish, and other languages.

To read a set of personal stories which extoll the value of learning French, click here.
These personal stories show that both Spanish and French have provided personal and career opportunities.

For more information on The World Speaks French: Video Stories, click **here.**
The World Speaks French: Video Stories contains clips to support the study of French in addition to Spanish.

(View the video stories by Frank, Del, Maria, and Sydney.)

For more ideas to promote the study of French to all students, click **here.**

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