Advancing Arguments for Learning French

French is the only language, with English, taught in every country.
There are several categories of materials for promotion and advocacy on this page:
  1. Reasons to Study French

  2. Academic Essays

  3. Testimonials to the importance of French in daily life

  4. Documents for The World Speaks French Video Stories DVD

  5. Maps and documents showing French in the World

  6. Maps and documents showing French in North America

  7. Letters of Advocacy (sample versions)

1. Reasons to Study French

Read this document to find out why it's important to study French,
and how best to use the documents in this wiki.


A tri-fold color brochure with information about the importance of French

Modify this version to include local information.

Talking Points

These documents provide a detailed response to why French is important.

Expanded version of "Ten Reasons to Study French"

Interesting facts about French around the world


These one-page documents provide succinct reasons to explain the importance of French.

Bulleted version of ten reasons to learn French

short narrative version of ten reasons to learn French

bulleted version in Spanish of ten reasons to learn French

list of vocabulary to show the influence of French on English


These Powerpoints about Ten Reasons To Study French can be tailored to your audience needs.

Version of talking points for a group presentation

Version of talking points for a single viewer (could be read on a website, for example)


Geneva High School (IL) students of French create videos for promotion and recruitment.
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2. Academic Essays

These essays contain additional ideas to support the promotion of and advocacy for French.

German professor responds to debate over the importance of European languages.

Linguist enumerates the advantages of learning French in terms of time required
for proficiency and proximity to English.

Writer identifies reasons that French remains an important language.

Writer summarizes two studies which conclude that French is the most
influential world language after English.

Spanish professor illustrates how knowing French, Spanish, English, and
Latin provide rich interconnections for the imagination and for poetic expression.
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3. Testimonials (Quotes, Personal Stories)

Quotes and personal stories provide compelling local support for foreign language programs.
Use these or better yet, collect your own testimonials.


French is an official language in 32 countries and regions of the world.
What different sources say in short statements about studying French

What professionals and organizations say about the importance of French

Personal Stories

Using French in careers, travels, and studies

Stories from Students
Students consider French a good language choice and
attribute their success to their French-language skills.

Using French to secure an internship and become multilingual

Using French in leisure and in career for years

Enjoying life-altering experiences because of knowing French

Learning more about herself as a graduate student by knowing French

Life Stories
Former students use French and sometimes Spanish daily in career and in leisure activities

Working in Paris because of his ability to speak French

Using French and Spanish to earn MBA, working in Spain

Using French and Spanish in Physical Therapy.

Stories from Parents
Parents value unique friendships and opportunities
brought to their families by their children studying French.

Demonstrates benefits to entire family of exchange program

Values French as a bridge language to communicating with a Chinese visitor

Considers French important in college and job applications and in cuisine and fashion

Parent shares a passion for French with their children

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Making Spanish Speakers Trilingual

These letters from a native speaker of Spanish and educator describes the career
benefits from knowing French AND Spanish. She writes in both English and Spanish.


4. Video Stories for "The World Speaks French"

The World Speaks French: Video Stories is a set of interviews with people from different walks
of life who tell fascinating stories of how learning and speaking French has impacted their lives
and careers.
The Stories are available in two formats, on DVD, or as a set of downloadable movies
for PC or Mac that are perfect for Powerpoint presentations, or simply playing the stories
as they are on a desktop computer or laptop in QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player.
You can obtain a DVD by contacting the AATF:
You can download the video stories below in one zipped (compressed) folder that will unpack
when you double click it after downloading. The file is large, several hundred megabytes, so the
download time may be 20 minutes or longer depending on the speed of your internet connection.

The Video Stories for computer use can be downloaded here .
Or as Download from Google Drive

These MSWord documents describe the stories and present strategies for their effective use:

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5. French in the World

200 million people on 5 continents speak French.
Maps and Lists of where French is spoken

Map displaying French-speaking countries

Description of the map of the French-speaking world

Lists the world regions where French is spoken

Lists the countries where French is an official language

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6. French in North America

Maps and Articles highlighting French in North America

Shows demographics of French heritage in North America

Shows demographics of those who speak French at home

Presents Quebec as a dynamic economic, scientific, and cultural force

This is a French translation of the Quebec doc above

Reminds us about the presence of French companies and products all around us
Updated 9/2014

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7. Letters of Advocacy

Customizable letters to send when French Programs are endangered

Teacher to Parents letters

Letters for Decision Makers

Elementary--Don't eliminate French for Spanish

For Superintendent

For Superintendent in district with endangered French program

Letters for Higher Education cuts

Letters to Media


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